Own a bigger market with

Wave-Cap ... The "On-the-Go" Cap!


  • Lightweight
  • Low Cost
  • 1 - Piece
  • Dual Function

Wave-Cap is a 1-piece, light weight, cost neutral, injection molded flat cap, designed specifically for Water, Milk or any Non carbonated beverage's.

Wave-Cap's unique design and functionality can be incorporated into most 1-piece closure no matter what the size; 26, 26.7, 28, 32 or 38mm.

Wave-Cap, is like a standard water flat cap, requires no special filling line tooling.

Wave-Cap, is reclosable / spill resistant.

Wave-Cap, provides one handed drinking and Non Stop Refreshment.

Wave-Cap, is dual function. Use it like a standard flat water bottle closure screwing it on and off. Or, pop it open for “On-The-Go” drinking.

Wave-Cap's lightweight design makes it environmentally friendly. Stays on and will be recycle with bottle.

Give your customers what they really want…. One-handed, “On-The-Go” drinking, that looks good, feels good, and has the perfect combination of convenience, function, enviromentally green and cost neutral.

The “On-The-Go” Closure with Non Stop Refreshment!

Wave-Cap is US and International Patented and a Registered Trademark of Daniel Dopps.