Wave-Cap Benefits:

  • 1 - piece molded bottle cap.
  • Re-closes to prevent spills.
  • One-Handed Drinking.
  • Dual Function; use it like a standard bottle closure, or as an "On-the-Go" closure.
  • No special tooling line equipment required.
  • Can be integrated into most 1 - piece closures.
  • Environmentally Green - lightweight, stays on bottle for recycling.
  • Drives Customer loyalty.
  • Product Branding.
  • Value added Features improved profit and Market Share.
  • Tamper evident band.
  • Cost Neutral.



    Wave-Cap is "On the Go"Non Stop Refreshment



    Closures wave cap is the wave-cap newest closure on the market and could be your next show stopper. csi closure system for bottle water closure has links to water bottle and non stop refreshment. works with hdpe pp plastics pet bottles and sports cap. recyclable its green for the enviroment water bottle hands free.

    Wave-Cap is Patented and a Registered Trademark of Daniel Dopps.