Wave-Cap ... "How it works!

    • Wave-Cap is a Dual Function Closure
    • It looks like a flat cap and can screw on and off like a standard bottle cap
    • It is also an “On-The-Go” one-handed closure.
    • Just Twist, Flip and Click for easy one handed drinking
        1. TWIST the cap off, breaking the tamper evident band
        2. FLIP the cap over and place the lip of the bottle in the groove and lift it like a pull tab, breaking the frangible zone. Screw it back on the bottle and you are set for “On The Go” drinking.
        3. Fold the tab back and Click it open while drinking, when finished fold it back and click it shut for spill resistant transport.

    One handed, Non Stop Refreshment is now available at a fraction of the cost of sports caps!


The “On-The-Go” Closure with Non Stop Refreshment!

Wave-Cap is US and International Patented and a Registered Trademark of Dr. Daniel Dopps.

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