Wave-Cap Innovations!



Consumers Want Innovation and Function!

The majority of consumers drinking bottled beverages are on the go and want spill resistant packaging, and they like innovation and more functionality in the products that they purchase. Wave-Cap is the Answer and could be the next best thing in NCBs.


Problem: There has never been a simple way to give consumers a low cost re-closeable pop top on plastic, mainly because the properties of plastic are so strong that a tool was needed to pop the top. Wave-Cap answers the problem with it's unique design, the bottle becomes the tool to pop the top. It is a very strong tool and very effective lever, requiring similar force as an aluminum can to open, so that even a small child can do it. No need for a complicated, expensive and hard to use alternatives, like pull rings, a protective caps, sports caps, srink wrapping, bottle openers or pop tabs. Wave-Cap simply does it all..


A good design and tangible functionality is a real source of competitive advantage, increasing market share, driving customer loyalty, and branding. It is a win for both the beverage producer and the consumers. Products like Wave-Cap that cares about the environment and that are more likely to be recycled and score extra points with consumers.

The “On-The-Go” Closure with Non Stop Refreshment!


Wave-Cap is US and International Patented and a Registered Trademark of Dr. Daniel Dopps.

wave cap is the wave-cap drinktec newest nestle closure on the market and could be your next show stopper. csi closure system for bottle water closure has links to nestle water bottle and non stop refreshment. works with niagra water sports cap plastics csi pet bottles drinktec and sports cap. recycle its green for the enviroment www.drinktec.com water bottle closrues