Wave-Cap Sales and Licensing

We are interested in the sale or licensing of the Wave Cap technology and patents. We understand that a beverage company or supplier could do a better job in implementation and profit from the Wave-Cap without the encumbrance of partner. Wave-Cap is soly owned debt free and able to intertain your interests. If you want to Give Your Customers What They Really Want…

“On-The-Go” Beverage Caps!

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The Wave-Cap is a value added 1-piece dual function closure that offers a unique opportunity to bottle water or beverage producers. The Wave-Cap provides these opportunities:

  • Gain market advantage                     • Improve product branding
  • Drive customer loyalty                      • Increase profitability

Provide consumers a unique, fun, value added closure and watch your market share explode.


The”On-The-Go” Closure with Non Stop Refreshment!


The Wave-Cap is coming, take action quickly. If you do not, you could suddenly be swept away with out even feeling the ground shake. If you find your self over come by the wave, you just might survive if you hold onto something and with a free hand wave for help.

Closures wave cap is the wave-cap newest closure on the market and could be your next show stopper. csi closure system for bottle water closure has links to water bottle and non stop refreshment. works with hdpe pp plastics pet bottles and sports cap. recycle its green for the enviroment water bottle hands free.

Wave-Cap is registered trademark and is US and International patented, it is the sole property of Dr. Daniel Dopps. Any unauthorized use is prohibited and protected by law.